Surprise them with Flowers! Delivering on and offbase in Okinawa!


Make your arrangement extra personalized by choosing from our container collection. Below is a description of what we currently have with a suggestion for the arrangment size that it will accomodate. You will be able to include the container when choosing your arrangment. We'll arrange the flowers to best complement the container!

Customize your order by choosing a container! We'll arrange your flowers to best fit the container chosen.

Glass Vases

Glass vases sized to fit the arrangements. $12

Gray Cube Basket

Light gray 5.5 inch square basket. $8

Tall Basket Vase

Unique tall vase made of wicker. Stands over 11" tall. $13

Leaf Wrapped Basket-natural
These baskets are wrapped in dried leaf and comes in 2 sizes. $8

Leaf Wrapped Basket

These baskets are wrapped in dried leaf and painted off-white. $8


Moss Basket

Square containers covered in preserved moss. Assorted sizes. $8

French Flower Bucket

Galvanized bucket to add farmhouse charm. $10

Stainless Steel Bucket

7.5" tall stainless steel bucket adds elegance to any arrangement. $23

Acrylic Tapered Vase

9" tapered acrylic vase. $10