Surprise them with Flowers! Delivering on and offbase in Okinawa!


Surprise the Graduate with a Jumbo balloon bouquet! Mylars will last 3-5 days fully inflated and stay afloat for at least 2 weeks. Our latex is treated with Hi-Float,a non-toxic sealant which coats the inner wall of the balloon and will float for 3 days in ideal conditions.

Now What? Balloon bouquet

Congratulate the graduates achievement with a fun "spinner" balloon! Bouquet includes 6 balloons with anchor. $30.
34" Graduation hand mylar
24" Spinner mylar
25" Grad Cap
18" Grad mylar
2-12" Latex treated with Hi-Float


Way to Go balloon Bouquet

Celebrate their achievements for a job well done! Bouquet includes 7 balloons with anchor.$31.
36" Congrats Star Mylar
18" Megaphone Mylar
18" Graduation Smiley mylar
18" Assorted Graduation mylar
3-12" latex treated with Hi-Float


Champagne Congrats Balloon Bouquet

5 balloons with anchor $35 36" champagne mylar 2-18" star 1-18" round congrats