Surprise them with Flowers! Delivering on and offbase in Okinawa!


The natural beauty of these blooms deserve to stand apart from others. By presenting them together they are simple, yet elegant. These selections will be beautifully arranged with the appropriate fills ready to be presented. Check back with us for new selections as the season changes.


This summer flower has been around since the mid 1800's as an ancient symbol of strength. No wonder it is so popular. These elegant spikes, also called "Sword Lilies" display numerous blooms and complement modern and traditional settings.


Gerbera Daisies

These cheery "modern" daisies will brighten any room and are suitable for all seasons.


Cymbidium Orchids

The most common of all orchids, the Cymbidium orchids bear stunningly perfect flowers. These cut stems, which bear approximately 10 blooms, look best showcased independent of other flowers.


Oncidium Orchids

The Oncidium stem bears many small yellow delicate flowers. It's airy presence make it a top choice for interior designers. These flowers can complement an area rather than create attention. It is perfect for creating an Oriental feel.



Always optimistic, always bright, always happy. What a great way to say Hello and wish someone a Happy Day!



If these large showy flowers don't catch the eye, their spicy and sweet fragrant will surely entice the nose. Always dramatic and showy, lilies do very well as cut flowers. Note: Each stem carries at least 3 blooms that will open in succession.


Birds of Paradise

These exotic tropical flowers are stunning. With their famous orange/red and blue flowers, they look just like a brightly colored tropical bird.



One of the most popular spring flower is the Tulip. Its name was transpired by the flowers shape which resembles the Turkish tulband or turban. The Tulips make beautiful cut flowers and offer a different look everyday....the stems grow longer to reach lightsource creating its own original arrangement over time.


Long Stemmed Roses

Long stemmed roses are by far the most popular flower choice. Its timeless beauty sets the tone for formal or romantic occasions. They are prized for their variety of color and perfume. Here's a helpful color guide: Red: Vibrant, provocative and positive. Symbolizes love and passion Yellow: Bright, clean and fresh. Gives feelings of happiness and security. Orange: Warm, sunny and welcoming Pink: Gentle and soft from the lighter pinks to rich and radiant in the darker pinks White: Color of purity.


Calla Lilies

These white and waxy flowers are a popular flower and a favorite among wedding flowers. Native to South Africa, they are elegant and contemporary.


Dendrobium Orchids

These orchids are known for their stunning color and each stem bears approximately 12 delicate long lasting blooms. Their length is ideal in a low vase or arranged in a basket. Arrangement contains 10 stems. $40