Surprise them with flowers! We deliver on military bases in Okinawa!


Surprise them with a Jumbo balloon bouquet! Mylars will last 3-5 days fully inflated and stay afloat for at least 2 weeks. Our latex is treated with Hi-Float,a non-toxic sealant which coats the inner wall of the balloon and will float for 3 days in ideal conditions.

Tiered Cake Birthday Balloon Bouquet

5 Balloons with anchor. $36
24" Tiered Cake mylar
2-18" pink star mylar
2-18" birthday mylar


Chalkboard Balloon Birthday Bouquet

5 balloons with anchor.$36
40x19" Chalkboard banner mylar
2-18" square chalkboard Birthday mylar
1-18" round black mylar
1-18" round white mylar


It's My Day Balloon Bouquet

5 balloons with anchor. $42.
38" hat mylar
36" arrow mylar
30" My special day mylar
22 gift mylar
18" It's your day mylar


Pink Flower Birthday Balloon Bouquet

5 balloons with anchor. $35
1-21x29 mylar flower
2-18" happy birthday mylar
2-18" purple mylar


Birthday Horn Balloon Bouquet

5 balloons with anchor. $35
48x23" birthday horn
1-18" star
2-18" birthday round


Birthday Celebrate Marquee Balloon Bouquet

5 balloons with anchor. $35
31" marquee mylar
2-18" Celebrate bday mylar
2-18" Orange star mylar.