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Congratulate the parents and greet the new one with these new baby balloons. Please note the Jumbo sizes of these balloons. Also great for party decorations. Mylars will last 3-5 days fully inflated and stay afloat for at least 2 weeks. Our latex is treated with Hi-Float,a non-toxic sealant which coats the inner wall of the balloon and will last for 3 days in ideal conditions.

It's a Boy Tshirt Balloon Bouquet

5 balloons with anchor. $36
22x24" It's a Baby Boy Tshirt
2-18" Baby boy mylar
2-18" navy blue mylar


It's a Girl Balloon Bouquet

4 balloons with anchor. $41.
38" It's a Girl Bottle mylar
30" It's a Girl Foot mylar
30" Rubber Ducky mylar
18" It's a Girl mylar


It's a Boy Banner Balloon Bouquet

5 Balloons with anchor. $41.
40x22" mylar banner
2-18" round blue mylar
2-18" square baby boy mylar


It's a Girl Banner Balloon Bouquet

5 balloons with anchor. $41.00
40x22" It's a Girl banner
2-18" round green mylar
2-18" square baby girl mylar.


Welcome Baby Balloon Bouquet

5 Balloon with Anchor. $35.00
31" Stroller mylar
2-18" green mylar
2-18" welcome baby mylar.