Surprise them with flowers! We deliver on military bases in Okinawa!


Fresh flowers are a refreshing addition to any room and it is the best way to bring the outdoors inside. Why not choose one of our various bouquets to complement the occasion? Each bouquet is made to order with the freshest available blooms. Order from Small, Medium or Large Arrangement. Due to seasonal availability, the picture shown may not look exactly like the final bouquet.

Tropical Mix

A mix of various warm weather blooms sure to have you reaching for the pina colada. Note: The mix and style of this bouquet will vary depending on tropical flowers used.


Flowerdrop Select

Our most popular selection! Let us do the thinking and design something beautiful for the occasion. This arrangement makes use of flowers and fills that are only available for a short period of time. You really will never get the same arrangement twice!


Pick your own color bouquet

Let us customize the bouquet based on colors! Choose the main colors you want in your bouquet and we'll do the rest. You can't go wrong! Please choose up to 2 colors.


Autumn Mix

Welcome the fall colors into your home. This arrangement of flowers will showcase the rich yellows, oranges, and browns nature offers this time of year. Note: The mix in this bouquet varies but will all convey the autumn theme.